Task Force Reports

From time to time, when the FAA has a unique and immediate need for input from the aviation community on a specific issue, they will ask RTCA to establish a Task Force. Since our inception in 1935, five such Task Forces have been established and produced reports with actionable recommendations:

Task Force 1 – Report on Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) Transition and Implementation Strategy, Issued 9-18-92
Task Force 2 – Report on the Transition to Digital Communications, Issued12-20-93
Task Force 3 – Final Report of RTCA Task Force 3 Free Flight Implementation, Issued 10-26-95
Task Force 4 – Final Report of the RTCA Task Force 4 Certification, Issued 2-26-99
Task Force 5 – NextGen Mid-Term Implementation Task Force Report, Issued 9-09-09