Tactical Operations Committee Approves Two Recommendations

September 19, 2017

The Tactical Operations Committee (TOC) met in late August and considered two issues impacting future operations in the National Airspace System.

The TOC approved a set of recommendations to the FAA that focused on the future PBN Route System in the High Altitude, CONUS Low Altitude and Alaska Low Altitude.  These recommendations are intended to further mature the FAA’s Concept of Operations for the PBN Route System.

Additionally, the TOC approved a report focused on information that operators can use to improve flight planning as well as improve routes during flight.  The recommendations to Aeronautical Information Management Modernization Segment 3 noted that access to near real time status information on the availability of airspace as well as information on air traffic control’s standard operating procedures would improve operational performance for all operators.

The August meeting was the final one for the TOC’s Designated Federal Officer (DFO), Ms. Lynn Ray.  Ms. Ray will retire at the end of September 2017 after a long and storied career with the Federal Aviation Administration.  In 2013, Ms. Ray spearheaded the formation of the TOC and oversaw its work.  During these past four years, the TOC has responded to fifteen unique tasks from the FAA, covering issues as diverse as NOTAM modernization, VOR MON, Caribbean operations, Class B airspace, Airport Construction, Graphical TFRs and Impacts of GPS Interference.  Ms. Ray’s leadership will be missed and all stakeholders on the TOC wish her a much deserved and restful retirement.

Stepping into the role of DFO behind Ms. Ray will be Ms. Jodi McCarthy.  The TOC is led by Co-Chairs Bart Roberts of JetBlue, and Jeff Woods of the National Air Traffic Controllers Association.

For additional information about the Committee or the upcoming meeting being held at RTCA, please visit the TOC webpage.