SC-235, Non-Rechargeable Lithium Batteries was established to update DO-227, Minimum Operational Performance Standard (MOPS) for Lithium Batteries, that was published June 23, 1995. The standard did not address larger lithium batteries.  Additionally, technology and the understanding of non-rechargeable lithium battery technology advanced and the use of non-rechargeable lithium batteries in avionics and cabin equipment had increased. DO-227A was released on September 21, 2017.   

SC-235 was Sunset at the completion of DO-227A in 2017.  Since its release, several equipment manufacturers have certified equipment in accordance with the MOPS.  These activities have resulted in potential changes and clarifications to the document, possibly modifying requirements and procedures.  Thus the committee was reactivated and place in Active Monitor Status.



Chairman John Trela The Boeing Corporation
Government Authorized Representative Norman Pereira Federal Aviation Administration
Secretary Jeff Densmore Radiant Power 
Co-Program Director Karan Hofmann RTCA, Inc.


General Information

Terms of Reference  March 26, 2020

For additional committee information, please contact the Program Director: Karan Hofmann