SC-227, Standards of Navigation Performance, established December 13, 2011, is developing navigation standards intended for designers, manufacturers and installers of avionics equipment; airspace managers and service providers; and the users of these navigation systems for world-wide operations. The revision to DO-283, Minimum Operational Performance Standards (MOPS) for Required Navigation Performance for Area Navigation, will provide guidance for the development of airspace and operational concepts needed to obtain the benefits of enhanced navigation capability in the aircraft; this revision will be aligned on the MASPS DO-236C Change 1 developed to cover the Time Of Arrival Control (TOAC) and wrong runway monitoring. Moreover, the MOPS will be compatible with the upcoming ICAO navigation specification for advanced RNP, to be published in the update to the ICAO PBN Manual, Document 9613. In 2014, the Committee published DO-236C Change 1, Minimum Aviation System Performance Standards (MASPS): Required Navigation Performance for Area Navigation. This Change defines the four-dimensional standards that support both RNP and trajectory-based operations and a standard for wrong runway monitoring in support of aviation safety initiatives.

In March 2015, the Committee was tasked to revise the DO-257A, Minimum Operational Performance Standards for the Depiction of Navigational Information on Electronic Maps. The Committee will update this document consistent with DO-236C and Change 1, and Revision to DO -283A to ensure its minimum standards for display of navigation information on electronic maps further facilitate the implementation of PBN.



Chair Mike Cramer The MITRE Corporation
Government Authorized Representative Barry Miller Federal Aviation Administration
Secretary Anup Raje Honeywell International
Program Director Rebecca Morrison RTCA, Inc.


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Terms of Reference March 26, 2020
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June  18-19, 2020

Recently Completed Documents

DO-257B MOPS for the Depiction of Navigational Information on Electronic Maps
DO-236C Change 1 Minimum Aviation System Performance Standards: Required Navigation Performance for Area Navigation



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