SC-217, Aeronautical Databases, established March 13, 2008, is developing a revision of DO-200A, Standard for Processing Aeronautical Databases; revision of DO-272C, User Requirements for Aerodrome Mapping Information; revision of DO-276B, User Requirements for Terrain & Obstacle Data; and revision of DO-291B, Minimum Interchange Standards for Terrain, Obstacle and Aerodrome Mapping Data, to support future ATM requirements of NextGen and SESAR. The applications need additional aeronautical information beyond the requirements captured in the current RTCA documents DO-272C, DO-276B and DO-291B. The DO-200A revision is necessary to be aligned with ICAO, ARINC and EUROCAE changes in standards and with the implementation of Aeronautical Data Quality (ADQ) for Single European Sky (SES). The Committee published DO-342, Guidelines for Verification and Validation of Aerodrome Mapping Databases (AMDB) Aerodrome Surface Routing Networks (ASRN) for Routing Applications in 2013, to provide guidance material on the concepts, methods, and criteria for verification and validation of ASRN.



Co-Chair Brian Gilbert The Boeing Company
Co-Chair Stephane Dubet SIA
Government Authorized Representative Brad Miller Federal Aviation Administration
Secretary Sasho Neshevski EUROCONTROL
Program Director Rebecca Morrison RTCA, Inc.


Recently Completed Documents

DO-201B User Requirements for Navigation Data  December 2018

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