SC-216, Aeronautical Systems Security, established June 26, 2007, is developing airworthiness security methods and considerations as a revision to DO-356 based on the Aviation Rulemaking Advisory Committee (ARAC) Aircraft System Information Security / Protection (ASISP) working group report. SC-216 is tasked to harmonize specific topics within DO-356 and EUROCAE ED-203. The Committee's recommendations and guidance material will help ensure safe, secure and efficient operations amid the growing use of highly integrated electronic systems and network technologies used on-board aircraft, for CNS/ATM systems, and air carrier operations and maintenance.



Chair David Pierce GE Aviation
Government Authorized Representative Varun Khanna Federal Aviation Administration
Secretary Siobvan Nyikos The Boeing Company
Program Director Karan Hofmann RTCA, Inc.


General Information

Terms of Reference March 22, 2018
Next Meeting Agenda TBD
2018 Meetings

March 19-23, 2018
April 9-13, 2018


Recently Completed Documents

DO-356 Airworthiness Security Methods and Considerations September 2014
DO-355 Information Security Guidence for Continuing Airworthiness June 2014
DO-326A Airworthiness Security Process Specification August 2014



2017 Meetings February 6-10, 2017
September 12-14, 2017
November 13-17, 2017 (Brussels, EASA/EUROCONTROL)
December 11-15, 2017 (Melbourne, Florida, Embraer)
2016 Meetings May 3-5, 2016
June 15-17, 2016
September 19-23, 2016
December 12-16, 2016
2015 Meetings N/A


For additional meeting summaries, please contact the Program Director: Karan Hofmann