RTCA Wishes a Happy Retirement To Two Influential Members of SC-206

February 13, 2020

Mark (center-left) and Tom (center-right) receiving recognition for all their hard work on RTCA’s Special Committees

Upon publication of Special Committee (SC) 206, Aeronautical Information and Meteorological Data Link Services final document, Minimum Operational Performance Standards (MOPS) for Flight Information Services – Broadcast (FIS-B) with Universal Access Transceiver, RTCA said goodbye to two of its distinguished members, Mark Mutchler and Committee Co-Chairman Tom Evans, who have both recently retired.

Mark Mutchler’s involvement with RTCA began around 2008. He’s an Air Force veteran and had been working as a meteorologist for the National Weather Service before joining the FAA and becoming involved with RTCA. His expertise was bringing weather technology to the general aviation environment. He worked on several committees before joining SC-206. Mark enjoyed working on concept of use documents and on projects that influenced terms of references across several documents. Mark noted he will miss the good-natured ribbing he and his fellow committee members took part in when they would meet on the road, oftentimes pretending it was an unsuspecting committee member’s birthday while at a restaurant after a long day of work.

“The best part of RTCA is that it brings together representatives across the industry to help draft and create better procedures,” said Mark. “And for me, the best part has been the people. The work we have done has been interesting and challenging, but it’s the kind of camaraderie that we developed and the closeness of the group, for me, was what I take away from my time with RTCA.”

In retirement, Mark plans to travel with his teenage son, preferably to Green Bay Packers games. He also plans to expand into a new endeavor he has undertaken, using cedar wood trees on farmland he owns to make canes for veterans.

Tom Evans has been a part of RTCA since 2002, when he worked on committees dealing with terrain warning systems. He has worked on numerous documents over the years, and became secretary of a couple of committees before becoming Co-Chairman of SC-206. He says he long admired the leadership he saw when he was a committee member, watching how chairmen would prepare, motivate others, reign them in and drive consensus, as well as how committees would work with their international counterparts. His lengthy career with NASA prepared him well, as he brought with him experience as a computer engineer and a part of NASA’s team tasked with working on display concepts, extensively testing simulations with commercial airline pilots brought in to fly scenarios. Tom also worked at NASA’s Langley Research Center testing technology that would eventually be used in commercial products.

“I’ve always found RTCA committee work to be fun,” said Tom. “I’ve learned a lot about not only aviation, but also about the capabilities of other people and the awesome, talented people associated with RTCA.” Tom plans to travel with his family during retirement, and tackle projects around his house when he’s not on the golf course or spending time reading.