RTCA Review Cycle Extended for Joint Documents

April 30, 2020

One of the hallmarks of RTCA documents is the rigorous review they are subjected to before publication. This process, called Final Review and Comment or FRAC, is open to members and the public. It allows for comments to be filed against the documents for the authoring committee to address.
The comment period is (per RTCA process) 30 days for non-joint documents and 45 days for documents developed jointly with EUROCAE.
In light of the current world pandemic crisis, we recognize that some of our membership may not have sufficient time to review documents in the 45-day window. To maintain the greatest number of reviewers for our documents and hence maintain the high quality of the final product, RTCA and EUROCAE have coordinated and believe the best course of action is to temporarily (for the duration of the current lockdown period) extend the FRAC period from the nominal 45 days to 60 days (non-joint documents will continue to have a review cycle of 30 days unless an extension is requested by the committee.)
While this may slightly delay documents in their publication schedule, we believe the overall effect will be to strengthen the quality of the documents and make them truly useful for industry and regulators the world over.
For more information about this temporary policy change, please contact Al Secen, VP of Aviation Technology and Standards asecen@rtca.org.