RTCA and ICAO Agree to Share Standards

December 15, 2017

In support of ICAO’s mission to facilitate safe, orderly, and economic air transport, and the promotion of flight safety and efficiency in international air navigation, and RTCA’s mission of producing consensus-driven performance standards that form the basis of regulatory requirements, ICAO and RTCA signed an agreement to share standards in the areas of communication, navigation, surveillance and air traffic management.

Under the agreement, RTCA agrees to provide their standards to ICAO and its member states free of charge, and ICAO agrees to provide its standards to RTCA free of charge. 

The goal of this landmark agreement is to ease the referencing of RTCA standards in the ICAO international standards, thereby leveraging the limited resources of ICAO, RTCA and the committees supporting them.

ICAO Secretary General Dr. Fang Liu and RTCA President Margaret Jenny signed the MOC during a ceremony at ICAO where EUROCAE, SAE and ARINC all signed similar agreements.   “This agreement will bring the standards developed by the thousands of RTCA volunteers directly to the officials of aviation authorities around the world,” explained Margaret Jenny, RTCA President. “This increases the collaboration and safety of the global aviation industry.”