The Outstanding Leader Award recognizes the added demands placed on RTCA Special Committee Chairs and/or other Committee participants who serve in leadership roles.


Randy Bailey NASA
Walter Bender Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory
Mike Cramer The MITRE Corporation
Jeff Finley Collins Aerospace
Dawn Gidner Honeywell International
Brian Gilbert The Boeing Corporation
Sai Kalyanaraman Collins Aerospace
Robert Klaus M.I.T. Lincoln Laboratory 
Michel Messerschmidt Airbus
Sam Miller The MITRE Corporation
Stephen Moody Jeppesen
Thomas Mustach Federal Aviation Administration
Thomas Pack ACR Electronics, Inc.
Stephane Pelleschi Collins Aerospace
David Pierce General Electric Aviation
Philippe Plantin de Hugues BEA
Chuck Stewart United Airlines
Carlo Tiana Collins Aerospace
Dongsong Zeng The MITRE Corporation


  • For questions about the Outstanding Leaders Award, contact Ka'Nika Evans.