Ms. Amanda Melles is a Transport Canada Civil Aviation (TCCA) Software & Airborne Electronic Hardware (AEH) Design Approval Representative (DAR) and the Design Approval Organization (DAO) Chief Airworthiness Computer Scientist at MANNARINO. Ms. Melles has been working with Airborne Software and Airborne Electronic Hardware design assurance since 2002 and has been a design assurance delegate since 2005. Having worked with major aerospace industry OEMs, Ms. Melles has been involved with highly complex safety-critical airborne software and AEH systems, including Integrated Modular Avionics (IMA), electronic displays, fly-by-wire, landing gear and air management systems for Part 25 aircraft. Ms. Melles has participated in the complete life cycle of multiple aircraft certification programs, having been deeply involved in software and AEH certification plans and strategies as well as process improvements.

Mr. Nicolas Ulysse is Chief of Software Engineering at MANNARINO. Mr. Ulysse has been working in the aerospace industry since 2003. His work on flight training devices gave him exposure to a wide range of aircraft systems, including the IMA architecture of the latest generation of airliners. Mr. Ulysse, participated to the software design and development for a number aircraft systems, including the platform software for an IMA computing module.

Since 2017, Mr. Ulysse is also part of the ARINC Avionics Application/Executive Software Subcommittee, which is charge of developing and maintaining the ARINC 653 standard