2018 Symposium Session Videos

Opening Remarks & the Latest in Comprehensive FAA Legislation A panel of insiders and political observers assess key issues being considered in the comprehensive bill reauthorizing FAA programs under consideration by Congress.
NextGen in the Northeast Corridor: Let's Do This! A panel of leaders will discuss the industry-FAA initiative to improve operations and infrastructure, and implement NextGen in the Northeast Corridor (NEC).
Integrating Drones Into the Airspace: What's Next? Progress is being made in defining the rules of the air for unmanned systems and operators to gain access to the national airspace.  As drones become more commonplace, they will lose their mantle of “disruptive technology”, but what are the next steps in the integration of drones and manned aircraft and is there more disruption on the horizon before true integration can occur?
Global Leadership - Global Harmonization This panel explores the globalization of standards supporting the equipment enabling SESAR and NextGen operations, focusing on the intersection of standards bodies, equipment manufacturers, and operators.
Moving Civil Aviation Authorities to Risk-Based Regulations Regulatory bodies are changing the way they carry out their responsibilities in response to a changing aviation landscape. The most effective regulations are those that are commensurate with the risk imposed by a new technology or operation.  UK CAA’s Mark Swan, who has been on a mission for years to transform his agency’s approach to oversight and regulations, shares his journey and how one CAA is addressing the challenges of an increasingly complex, diverse airspace with fast moving technological advancements. 
Breaking the Barriers to NextGen: Equipage, Environment and Funding The panel discusses various perspectives on what is required for moving forward and making significant improvements in the nation’s air traffic control system and the risks that must be overcome for successful NextGen implementation.
Assessing the Risk of Drones: National Academies Report The revolutionary nature of drones performing work in the national airspace brings with it a need for an evolutionary look at risk management.  How should drones and manned aircraft differ in their risk assessments, and just as importantly, how should they be similar? 
Technical Performance Standards: Paving the Way for Integrating UAS in the NAS The world’s first three UAS standards referenced by FAA Technical Standards Orders were produced by RTCA Special Committee 228 in 2016 and 2017.  How do these standards help realize the integration of UAS into the national airspace and how can they evolve as the UAS landscape is evolves? 
What's Happening in the Autonomous Automobile World? This session is an examination of autonomous automotive initiatives that have many parallels to the integration of UAS/drones into the aviation system. The panelists discuss policies related to "mixed equipage," standards development, software, integrity and security, evolution path and infrastructure necessary to support this new user.
Closing Remarks Margaret Jenny, President of RTCA, shares highlights from the 2018 Symposium.