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RTCA provides a venue for the development of consensus-driven performance standards and guidance materials that serve as a partial basis for certification of critical systems and equipment used in the conduct of air transportation. Adherence to our standards serves as ones means of compliance with related FAA regulations. In addition, RTCA produces reports from our policy committees and Task Groups, documenting the industry consensus on significant operational and policy issues related to the modernization of the nation’s air traffic management system. For more information on ordering these documents, click here.

RTCA issues a variety of publications that serve to inform stakeholders from across the aviation community on matters important to the aviation industry. Our bi-monthly Digest informs our members of updates, events, and insider information. We also issue an Annual Report of our important accomplishments and provide basic information on our financial welfare.   

Documents - Standards & Guidance Material

RTCA produces minimum performance standards and guidance materials that are requested by the FAA and become a partial basis of FAA regulations for aviation systems and equipage. They are produced by committees of volunteers representing the interested and relevant stakeholders. Beginning in 1935, RTCA has a long and successful track record of producing high quality standards, including the following:

  • Operational Services and Environment Definition (OSED)
    Document the environment in which systems and equipment will operate
  • Operational, Safety & Performance Requirements (SPR)
    Safety Assessment; Ops Performance Assessment (Communication, Navigation, Surveillance)
  • Interoperability Requirements (IRR)
  • Minimum Aviation System Performance Standards (MASPS)
    Assuring end-to-end system will perform its intended functions within a defined airspace
  • Minimum Operational Performance Standards (MOPS)
    Assuring equipment will perform its intended functions

Task Force Reports

From time to time, when the FAA has a unique and immediate need for input from a broad spectrum of the aviation community on a specific issue, they will ask RTCA to establish a Task Force. Since our inception in 1935, five such Task Forces have been established and produced reports with actionable recommendations.


Available to members only, our bi-monthly Digest provides regular news and updates.

Annual Report

Our Annual Report describes RTCA's unique approach and its successes each year in the development of standards and guidance materials and policy recommendations that help shape the direction and pace of the air traffic management system.