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At the core of RTCA are the hundreds of dedicated individuals from the U.S. and around the world who come together to develop comprehensive, industry-vetted and endorsed recommendations. Leveraging the experience and expertise of RTCA members, recommendations are provided to the government, affecting policy and investment priorities to facilitate implementation of air traffic management system improvements, and minimum performance standards, reports and guidance documents used by the FAA as a partial basis for the certification of equipment and systems. In 2014, the FAA issued or updated nine Technical Standards Orders and Advisory Circular invoking RTCA documents.
RTCA recommendations, whether technical, policy, financial or operational, lead to positive, timely, tangible, measurable results, returning value to all who participate as well as to the broader aviation community.
Understanding the importance of global harmonization in air transportation, RTCA encourages international participation in its activities and is participating in the international aviation standards roundtable being established under the auspices of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). Many of RTCA’s committees also work jointly with the European Organisation for Civil Aviation Equipment (EUROCAE) to achieve internationally harmonized recommendations on aviation issues.
All Federal advisory committee meetings are open to the public and attract a broad range of committee participants and interested public. Annual participation in RTCA Federal advisory committee meetings is reported to the FAA on a fiscal year (FY) basis. During FY2014, RTCA conducted 60 Federal advisory committee meetings. There were a total of 2,336 attendees at these meetings from 358 different organizations.
RTCA manages the following Federal advisory committees:



  • Program Management Committee (PMC): Establishes Special Committees, oversees progress, integrates and coordinates across committees, and reviews and provides product approval for transmittal to the FAA.
  • Special Committees (SCs): Develop performance standards, guidance documents and reports.


  • Tactical Operations Committee (TOC): Identifies and resolves near-term, tactical issues affecting the efficiency of the NAS, and recommends resolutions to those issues and challenges to the FAA.