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RTCA Symposium Celebrates Work of Aviation Experts
Thursday, June 16, 2016
by: RTCA Staff

Section: RTCA News

With nearly 300 attendees, the 2016 RTCA Global Aviation Symposium marked another year of peak attendance while celebrating the work of RTCA volunteers and committees over the last year.


“Sometimes I like to think that RTCA stands for ‘results through collaboration in aviation,’ and this year’s symposium really is all about communication. It’s all about collaboration, compromise, and a lot about trust,” said RTCA president Margaret Jenny. “We get to where we need to go only when we can develop trust among all the players. No matter what we’re talking about, that’s really what is helping us move forward in our organization, in airports, and in NextGen in general.”


This year’s symposium featured more than 60 moderators and panelists leading 12 sessions on topics in the aviation industry. #RTCA2016