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Membership Criteria

RTCA is a not-for-profit, membership organization formed to advance the art and science of aviation and aviation systems for the benefit of the public.  RTCA membership is restricted to organizations that are doing business in aviation, including but not limited to identifying and resolving system technical and policy issues that aviation faces as it continues to pursue increased safety, system capacity and efficiency, and development of minimum performance standards and guidance material for electronic systems and equipment that support aviation. 

Membership Application Process

RTCA membership is annual. RTCA offers a variety of membership types. The RTCA Member categories are Member, International Member, Academic Associate, Association, US Government and International Government. To find the membership level that’s right for your organization, please review the categories below. All new memberships require an application. All applications must set forth the organization’s qualifications, including a brief description of your organization’s aviation-related activities. Your application will be reviewed and approved by the RTCA President. Once approved, you will receive a dues payment invoice specific to your membership category for the first year. The processing of your application will be completed and your membership will begin upon full payment of your annual dues. Thereafter, membership is renewed on the anniversary date your organization’s application was approved. Membership is a full-company membership, meaning member benefits extend to each employee of a member company. Each member organization is required to assign a Primary and Affiliate contact. The Primary and Affiliate contact are responsible for membership renewal, responding to membership surveys, ensuring the member company is represented at the annual board voting (if applicable), ensuring accurate and up-to-date contact information for the company, and managing employee’s access to membership benefits.

Public or private sector (corporation, company, partnership, or proprietorship) entity, the annual membership fee is based on your entire company’s or organization’s gross annual revenue.

Level Description Amount
Level 1 Less than $1 million USD gross revenue $600.00
Level 2 >$1 million < $10 million USD gross revenue 2,200.00
Level 3 >$10 million < $100 million USD gross revenue 3,000.00
Level 4 >$100 million < $500 million USD gross revenue 4,500.00
Level 5 >$500 million < $ 1 billion USD gross revenue 10,000.00
Level 6 >$1 billion USD gross revenue 12,500.00
Academic Associate

Academic Associate membership applies to educational institution that issues degrees. Academic labs or other institutions that are affiliated but set off from the academic institution and that do not issue degrees are not eligible for this academic associate category.  The annual membership fee is $1,200.00.  The membership privileges convey only to employees of the academic institution, not to students.  

An Association member must meet the qualifications of a nonprofit organization.  Please contact RTCA for more information about qualifications and dues.
US Government Member

A US Government member organization must meet the qualifications of being an executive, legislative and judicial branch of the federal government in the United States.  Please contact RTCA for more information.
International Government Associate

An International Government Associate must meet the qualifications of being an executive, legislative and judicial branch of government in a country other than the United States.  The annual membership fee is $2,200.00.

For RTCA membership you can apply online or send a completed membership application form via fax or mail to:

RTCA, Inc.
 Attn: Membership Services
1150 18th Street, NW, Suite 910
Washington, DC 20036

FAX: 202-833-9434


Download a copy of the Membership Brochure here.
RTCA Membership

Your application should include a brief description of your organization's aviation-related activities. We will respond to your application within five business days and send you an invoice for payment of a full year of membership dues. Your application will be processed upon receipt of your dues payment. For more information, send an e-mail to: