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RTCA Speaks to Controllers at NATCA CFS

RTCA President Margaret Jenny gave a Keynote Address at the National Air Traffic Controllers Association, Communicating for Safety Conference. “ATC Modernization is not a spectator sport,” she said.  “And NATCA’s voice is helping shaping the game plan every step of the way.” Click here to read the rest of her speech.


NextGen Advisory Committee Taking on Big Challenges

Under the leadership of Chairman Dave Bronczek, President & COO of FedEx Corporation, and Designated Federal Official, Victoria Wassmer, FAA Acting Deputy Administrator, the NextGen Advisory Committee (NAC) reached consensus in its recent meeting to move  forward with a tasking to focus on implementing NextGen in the Northeast Corridor. During the Committee’s deliberations, members recognized that this is critical to making continuous improvements to the system in the NE. They highlighted the need for working through the technical, operational and community issues that must be identified up front and then mitigated through the NAC collaborative process.  [More]

FAA Administrator singles out RTCA Committees as important venues for FAA-industry collaboration in speech at US Chamber of Commerce Aviation Summit

RTCA 2017 Global Aviation Symposium Agenda Topics Released!

Committee Addresses Challenge of NextGen Implementation

During the recent meeting of the NextGen Advisory Committee, the group endorsed an effort to move forward with continued improvements in the New York/NE corridor. This was featured in a story published by Bloomberg available HERE.

RTCA’s DO-178C Featured in Avionics Magazine

RTCA offers training courses on documents to facilitate the use of key documents by our stakeholders, and to enhance the understanding of developing and using global standards and guidance. Although DO-178 was published in 1982, and DO-178C was published in 2012, its relevance still spans to today. Click HERE to read about how and why DO-178C continues to be vital in the aviation industry.

Drone Advisory Committee Considers Important Taskings

Members of the Drone Advisory Committee (DAC) convened in Reno, NV on January 31st to consider three tasks aimed at gaining a consensus-based set of resolutions for issues regarding the efficiency and safety of integrating UAS into the NAS and to develop recommendations to address those issues and challenges. [More]

RTCA Committees Collaborate to Respond to FAA Tasking on Ligado Networks Proposal

RTCA’s Special Committee SC-159, Navigation Equipment Using the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS), and the Tactical Operations Committee (TOC) provided a review and comments on Ligado’s proposal for use of the GPS adjacent band for non-space, commercial applications. [More]

RTCA-EUROCAE Coordination Meeting

RTCA and EUROCAE officials met in Boston MA, hosted by The MITRE Corporation, to exchange information on activities from 2016 and plans for 2017. This annual meeting allows the organizations to identify areas of mutual cooperation to advance the cause of global aviation interoperability and standards development. 

RTCA Presents at ATCA

RTCA President Margaret Jenny presented on a panel, “An Enterprise Architecture and its Budget: Never the Twain Shall Meet?” at the Air Traffic Control Association’s 61st Annual Conference and Exposition. [More]


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Staff Spotlight

Claudia Chaudhari

DO-254 Training
RTCA is hosting a three-day training course, tailored specifically to design/verification engineers and project/certification managers requiring DO-254 compliance.

Environmental Conditions and Test Procedures for Airborne Equipment: RTCA DO-160G Training

RTCA has teamed with Wichita State University’s National Institute for Aviation Research (WSU-NIAR) to offer high quality training in understanding the use of DO-160G and how it fits in with the greater picture of requirements, design, certification and Technical Standard Orders (TSOs).

Software Considerations in Airborne Systems and Equipment Certification:
RTCA DO-178C Training

RTCA has teamed with The MITRE Aviation Institute to offer high quality and relevant training for the aviation industry in understanding the requirements and parameters for avionics software development necessary to obtain FAA certification.

Supplements to DO-178C Training

This is one-day course will provide the background and scope on the four supplements supporting DO-178C: DO-330, DO-331, DO-332, DO-333.